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Psychotherapy • Life and Recovery Coaching • Telephone & Skype Counseling • Hypnotherapy • Santa Monica, CA

Stacie is truly a gifted clinician. She has been my therapist for over 3 years and the work we've done together has been remarkable and life changing. I appreciate the fact that she does traditional talk therapy, but that she also utilizes other techniques and interventions. Her training in EMDR and hypnotherapy have been invaluable in helping me process and move through some very difficult life challenges. So much of my personal growth has been a result of working with her, which I am forever grateful for.
- Jenna B, Los Angeles, CA

While seeing Stacie, I almost forgot that I was talking to a therapist. Rather it felt like I was talking to a very open and caring friend. I was seeing Stacie to get over some depression and anxiety issues. In addition I was going through a drastic career change, all while trying to forgive certain family members for past mental and emotional traumas. Within a relatively short time I was able to work through these problems simply by talking them out and sharing my thoughts with Stacie. As oppose to some mental health professionals, Stacie was able to deliver the space and comfort for me to heal without labeling what I had as a "diagnosis." Rather a person who just needed some compassion and warmth. I really felt that she "had my back".

It was truly a wonderful healing experience!
- Anonymous client, Los Angeles, CA

I have been receiving therapy from Stacie on and off since 2008 and I can truly say I have become a better version of myself from all the work I have done with her. I have had huge life obstacles during our time together......from detoxing from medications to major major loss. She provides a warm and safe environment to open and share these innermost thoughts of helplessness and grief. She has and continues to guide me tools and techniques. She continually inspires me to honor myself and my needs. I can absolutely attest to the fact.....that I would be lost without Stacie in my life. I am forever grateful for our work together. I am stronger, I am happier, I am more peaceful, and I have become more whole.
- Mandy C., Santa Monica, CA

After starting therapy with Stacie, my life has opened up in ways I never dreamed possible. Through timeline therapy, an NLP technique, I was able to release the negative emotions connected with past events and move forward in a healthy way; hypnotherapy made kicking a 20 year on-and-off cigarette habit effortless – not a single nicotine craving and I’m 6 months smoke-free; TRM (Trauma Resilience Model) skills has released muscle memory of past events and enables me to be grounded no matter what’s going on around me. All of these have been invaluable to my own journey, but choose what works for you – Stacie’s commitment to her own ongoing growth and education ensures there is never a shortage of methods to explore. She has created a safe, peaceful environment for you to define your own personal goals and values, and she’ll guide you in aligning your ‘entire self’ with them. This is not like any therapy you may have tried – her approach is action-oriented, focused, productive and methodical. By incorporating what you learn into your daily routines, you’ll create positive and sustainable results in all areas of your life. And with Stacie in particular, you are being guided by one of the most gifted, caring, professional, trustworthy and insightful people I’ve ever known. You will be astounded at how quickly change comes and you will marvel at where you are in a very short time.

You really will change your life.
- Jenny, Hermosa Beach, CA

"I've worked with Stacie for over a year now and she has helped me create a balance with work, personal and health issues that I didn't even know I had. She has helped me through hypnosis, bio-feedback, life coaching and general counseling to find the grace I have always wanted to achieve and because of this I have become successful within my job, put realistic and attainable career goals in place and have become a strong but loving person to friends and family.

I highly recommend Stacie to all; she is phenomenal!"
- Kelly B., El Segundo, CA

Stacie has given me the tools to live in the present and not dwell on the past. She continuously helps me with my self esteem, addiction issues, relationships, anxiety and family. Stacie is kind, caring, genuine, and extremely compassionate. She truly cares about her clients and their well being. She is extremely supportive and non-judgmental as well. Combine her natural abilities and her ambition to understand and help her clients fully through her many certifications, and you have had the blessing to work with one extremely talented and authentic healer. I feel extremely blessed that Passages Malibu recommended Stacie to me.

- Michele, Malibu, CA

"I came to Stacie six months ago with many health problems that have been affecting me both physically and emotionally. I have to say that my sessions with Stacie have made a dramatic difference in my life. She creates a safe environment with her warm, caring, and positive personality, which has allowed me to open up easily. With Stacie's help and guidance, I am now, for the first time in my life, on a journey towards self-care. I want to thank her for this huge gift."
- M.F., Los Angeles, CA

"Stacie allows me to be myself. I can express myself, and be heard and cared for. Stacie creates an easy going and comfortable environment where I can feel safe and supported as a client."
- J.E., Santa Monica
, CA

"Any hesitations I felt about seeking therapy vanished when I walked into Stacie's office. Every week we identify issues that I need to deal with and continually work towards solutions. I can truly say that I see many positive changes in my life since I began seeing Stacie."
-T.M., Los Angeles
, CA

"I had been working with a therapist for the past 5 months on relationship related issues and still could not seem to get off my "relationship merry-go-round". It was not until I began working with Stacie that my life and my relationships started to change. Stacie introduced me to Life Coaching and Hypnosis. What a difference from the therapy I had been receiving before! Life Coaching and Hypnosis are amazing and powerful. These services have helped me change my life and are a must try by all. I now stand on two feet."
- J.R., Santa Monica
, CA

"I have been working with Stacie Cox, my life coach, for over a year. I came to Stacie with some real balance issues with my health and my profession. After three months of working together, Stacie helped me get to my inner core to help me make important decisions about my outside goals.

I now just got a job with a lot more creativity to it, and has aspects of it that really hit my passion. Also, she really worked with helping me balance my life in regards to my health which I had been having issues with over the last few years. Stacie really helped me center myself and got to the issues that were important to me.

I would highly recommend Stacie Cox as a coach. She's not only an incredible coach, but also an incredible person."
- Susan S., Santa Fe, NM

"Stacie is an outstanding recovery coach! She is warm, loving, and compassionate. She has a wonderful gift and makes me feel understood by her warm and authentic validations. I recommend Stacie to anyone who feels like they want to be heard and want change in their lives. She takes me from a place of uncertainty to clarity and action! Stacie is amazing!"
- Rachel S.
, Phoenix, AZ


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Psychotherapy • Life and Recovery Coaching • Telephone, Face Time and Skype Counseling • Hypnotherapy • Santa Monica, CA